5 incredible ways how drones can save lives

The drones indeed have wide application, from shooting high-altitude scenes, weddings, through spying, and can also be used as war weapons. In addition, engineers also discover the most important applications – saving lives.

Delivery of drugs
Two years ago, a study showed that these flights could be both effective and safe for the medication itself, and would be used to deliver medicines to rural areas, especially during some disasters, such as large snowbacks, when it is impossible to arrive to the patient.

Transportation of blood units
Just two years ago, a Californian company began flying with commercial drowns to distribute blood to hospitals. This in the future would be a great way of delivering blood to inaccessible parts, in the event of an accident and the need for urgent interventions.

Delivery of defiblators
In a recent study, an emergency situation in the rural areas of Sweden was simulated, which required the treatment of a person who had a heart attack. The dron with a defibrillator (a device that normalizes the heart) has arrived 16 minutes faster than the ambulance. In such situations every minute can be decisive.

Delivering a first aid kit
William Karey of the University of Mississippi is developing a special dron that will provide medical first aid to doctors in case of natural disasters or terrorist attacks. With this first-aid kit, Google Glass, glasses scanned for hurt will also go, and photos are sent to doctors at another location.

Saving Dad
Dron has once saved two guys in Australia when they were drowned. Dron reached them and dropped their life jackets, and two minutes after that, rescue teams arrived.

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