Lottery millionaire died three weeks after winning

NEW YORK. An American (51) could not afford a doctor’s visit for years, then he won the lottery. He could only be happy about the rain for a short time. Donald Savastano pulled the right ticket: the American won $ 1 million in a solici lottery in Sidney, New York. The independent carpenter wanted to […]

5 incredible ways how drones can save lives

The drones indeed have wide application, from shooting high-altitude scenes, weddings, through spying, and can also be used as war weapons. In addition, engineers also discover the most important applications – saving lives. Delivery of drugs Two years ago, a study showed that these flights could be both effective and safe for the medication itself, […]

The founder of Apple has discovered one thing that will never buy a new iPhone X

Steve Voznik was never afraid to reveal his sincere opinion of the company in whose creation he participated Apple’s co-founder, Steve Voznik, a true legend of the Silicon Valley, has never been afraid to give his sincere opinion of the new technology. And, although Vozlikak earned his reputation and fortune by developing Apple I and […]

Russia successfully launch 22 satellites

Russia today successfully launched 22 satellites from the new eastern cosmodrome in the Far East of the country, the Russian space agency Roskosmos announced. The Sojuz-2 rocket has successfully flown from the eastern cosmodrome, the agency said, adding that everything went smoothly, the agency Frans pres. This rocket should launch two Saturn Earth observation satellites, […]

China builds a pollution analysis laboratory

The Chinese Ministry of Transport plans to build the first laboratory specialized for the sampling and analysis of pollution of the sea and ocean after the oil spill, the local science and technology newspaper announced. China spends about 200 million yuan a year for an urgent investigation of ocean pollution after oil spills, but technological […]

US Fashion Association wants to prevent sexual assault at Fashion Week

NEW YORK. A few days before the start of New York Fashion Week, the US Fashion Designers’ Association (CFDA) has issued recommendations to prevent sexual assault. In a letter published on Friday by Association President Diane Von Furstenberg to industry representatives, various precautionary measures are suggested. Recently, several major fashion photographers were confronted with abuse […]