Grand Coalition – This is what the new cabinet would look like

Martin Schulz is hard to count. Leading comrades consider the SPD leader after his broken words and the rolling course for unfit to lead Germany as Vice Chancellor. Nobody says that openly. There is growing pressure on Schulz to focus on the renewal process of the staggering party, which is just 18 percent in the […]

US government wants new nuclear weapons with low explosive power

WASHINGTON. The US administration of President Donald Trump is pushing for the development of nuclear weapons with lower explosive power. A “small number” of existing nuclear warheads are being rebuilt from submarine-based long-range missiles in order to have a lower-explosive variant, according to a report released on Friday by the US government’s new nuclear strategy. […]

Lottery millionaire died three weeks after winning

NEW YORK. An American (51) could not afford a doctor’s visit for years, then he won the lottery. He could only be happy about the rain for a short time. Donald Savastano pulled the right ticket: the American won $ 1 million in a solici lottery in Sidney, New York. The independent carpenter wanted to […]

US Fashion Association wants to prevent sexual assault at Fashion Week

NEW YORK. A few days before the start of New York Fashion Week, the US Fashion Designers’ Association (CFDA) has issued recommendations to prevent sexual assault. In a letter published on Friday by Association President Diane Von Furstenberg to industry representatives, various precautionary measures are suggested. Recently, several major fashion photographers were confronted with abuse […]