Trump attacks the FBI with this secret paper

The White House is releasing a paper intended to prove a federal FBI wrongdoing in the Russia investigation. The note was written by Republicans on the intelligence committee. US President Donald Trump has released a paper made by Republicans on the Senate Intelligence Committee after several announcements. The memo allegedly proves that the FBI and […]

Donald Trump wanted to get rid of Mueller

According to information from the newspaper De Volkskrant, specialists from the Dutch secret service have uncovered explosive details about the Russian hacker attack on the computer center of the Democrats. Citing six sources, the paper claims that cyber spies from the Netherlands succeeded in summer 2014 in identifying and observing a computer network belonging to […]

Defeat for Boeing – and for Trump

With punitive tariffs of almost 300 percent, the Trump government wanted to protect Boeing from the Canadian competitor Bombardier. But just a US arbitration board held nothing of it. In the trade dispute with Canada, a major US agency rejected Boeing’s allegation of illegal subsidies to rival Bombardier from the neighboring country. The supply of […]

Russians long for old age – and Putin delivers

In front of a Moscow bar, a few men are standing in the snow. They emptied some half-liter glasses of beer. A stocky 30’s hugging a German tourist he just met. “Dude, that’s great that we Russians beat you Germans!”, He says and laughs. “How to beat?” Asks the German in wonderment. “Well, kill it!” […]