Everyone loves this song, and Robbie Williams has said that he will no longer sing in concerts and completely shocked fans

– I’m looking at people in the audience who take pictures of their parents who died at the beginning of the song, and I think, “God, I’m going to cry now,” said Robbie Williams

Even people who do not like Robbie Williams admit that his hit “Angels” is one of the most beautiful tracks that has been filmed in the last 25 years, so it’s not surprising that Williams fans did not want to be shocked when Robi announced that this song would no longer be singing at concerts.

Just say: “Angels” live, it’s an unforgettable experience. By the way, if you were not at Robi’s concert in Belgrade, it’s enough to look at any “Lay” video of William’s performance and everything will be clear to you.

– Every time I have to make sure I do not cry and do not look pathetic. I look at people in the audience who, at the beginning of the song, raise the images of their parents who died, and I think, “God, I’m going to cry now.” It’s very emotional for me.

The Angles was released in December 1997, and in 2005 it was named the best song in the UK for the past 25 years.

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