Grand Coalition – This is what the new cabinet would look like

Martin Schulz is hard to count. Leading comrades consider the SPD leader after his broken words and the rolling course for unfit to lead Germany as Vice Chancellor. Nobody says that openly.

There is growing pressure on Schulz to focus on the renewal process of the staggering party, which is just 18 percent in the ARD Germany trend. The AfD is in wait. A drama for the oldest German party. Only 25 percent agree with Schulz’s work. Also a record low.

The personality Schulz has great influence on the planned third “GroKo” cabinet of a Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), whose place is the only safe. And the personnel Schulz can also affect the vote of about 440,000 SPD members who would have to give the green light for the contract with CDU / CSU. Because Schulz would have to commit the next word break if he wanted to advance as his foreign minister, for example, his heart issue “More Europe”.

Martin Schulz could make 180-degree turnaround
Review: Willy-Brandt-Haus, September 25, 2017 – the day after the German Bundestag election. At the repeated demand of the “world” journalist Daniel Sturm Schulz finally says: “Yes, yes, of course, I will not join a government of Angela Merkel.”

But SPD internally suggests everything that Schulz will make a 180-degree turnaround, as in the multiple rejection of a renewed grand coalition. There are board members who ask for clarity before the membership decision – because they fear that without Schulz ‘renouncement of a cabinet post the base will say no. And then in new elections possibly the AfD would pass the SPD.

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