Lottery millionaire died three weeks after winning

NEW YORK. An American (51) could not afford a doctor’s visit for years, then he won the lottery. He could only be happy about the rain for a short time.

Donald Savastano pulled the right ticket: the American won $ 1 million in a solici lottery in Sidney, New York. The independent carpenter wanted to treat himself to his big profit according to “BuzzFeed News” a car, holidays with his wife and children and a much needed doctor’s visit, which he could never afford.

But this one did not have good news for the scratch-lot winner: the doctor diagnosed Savas with cancer in the fourth, advanced stage, which had spread. The diagnosis came too late: On January 26, the self-employed carpenter died in the circle of his family, as American media write like “Upstate NY”.

“He had no health insurance, then he finally got to the doctor when he won the money,” says Danielle Scott, ex-shop assistant, in which the carpenter bought the winner lot, the US channel “ABC7”.

Savastano passed away a week ago. The case also led to massive criticism of the US health care system and the limitations of Obama care in the social media.

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