Singer Shakira reached the heart of a financial scandal

Namely, the Spanish tax service suspects that it has transferred three million to the account in Malta and its name appeared in the affair “Paradise papers”.

Lawyers have already addressed the Spanish authorities, since Shakira from 2011 to 2014 lived in that country.

The report of the officials depends on whether an indictment will be filed, and the singer, besides financial penalties, is also threatened with imprisonment. As the foreign media writes, Shakira is in panic, and is surprised because she did not deliberately escaped paying taxes.

“This is only a wrong estimate, not an attempt to deceive the authorities,” her close associates told her. The singer has already hired lawyers, but she has not yet commented on the tax issue in public.

Colombian lives in Spain with Gerard Pike, who plays for Barcelona.

The couple met in 2010, when Pike appeared in Shakira’s video for the song “Waka Waka”. They have the sons of Milan and Sasa.

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