The founder of Apple has discovered one thing that will never buy a new iPhone X

Steve Voznik was never afraid to reveal his sincere opinion of the company in whose creation he participated

Apple’s co-founder, Steve Voznik, a true legend of the Silicon Valley, has never been afraid to give his sincere opinion of the new technology.

And, although Vozlikak earned his reputation and fortune by developing Apple I and Apple II computers a few decades ago, he was never scared to call the company every time he appeared to turn the company off the course set by its founder, Steve Jobs.

Known as a lover of the iPhone, it seems that the iPhone X will be the first phone that will not buy.

– I’d rather wait and just watch this model. I am completely satisfied with my iPhone 8 – the same as the week, which is the same as the sixth, told CNBC.

After hearing his remarks, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, immediately sent one free copy to Voznik.

In spite of the fact that he liked it at first, Vozlikak came to change his mind after a few weeks.

There was one thing on the phone that was contrary to the intuitive user experience that iPhone owners were accustomed to.

– The power switch on the side of the phone can perform various functions if you press it quickly or twice, and again something different if you press it three times. And if you try to use the buttons to amplify or reduce the sound, each touch can again activate a different thing. I do not like it at all, Vozniak said.

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