Trump attacks the FBI with this secret paper

The White House is releasing a paper intended to prove a federal FBI wrongdoing in the Russia investigation. The note was written by Republicans on the intelligence committee.

US President Donald Trump has released a paper made by Republicans on the Senate Intelligence Committee after several announcements. The memo allegedly proves that the FBI and the Ministry of Justice unlawfully used surveillance equipment during the investigation into possible ties between Russia and Trump’s campaign team in 2016.

The House secret service committee had voted to publish the note earlier this week, with Republican votes crucial. The Democrats criticized the paper as distorted and politically motivated. The release of the note made by the Democrats, however, was prevented by republican votes.

FBI: paper top secret – and distorted
With the release of the paper, the president ignored massive concerns from the FBI and the Justice Department. They wanted to prevent publication because the paper was based on top secret information and omitted essential information.

Intelligence Committee Democrat spokesman Adam Schiff countered Trump’s frontal attack on the investigative authorities with a tweet: “The country’s top elected representative has agreed to release classified information in a selective and misleading form to attack the FBI – this is what it’s all about would have been unthinkable for a short time. ”

The four-page Nunes report, according to media reports, is about how the FBI received court approval to oversee Internet communications from Trump’s campaign advisor Carter Page. Page had close contacts with Russia. Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan said there were “legitimate questions” about whether civil rights had been violated by the scout raid.

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