US Fashion Association wants to prevent sexual assault at Fashion Week

NEW YORK. A few days before the start of New York Fashion Week, the US Fashion Designers’ Association (CFDA) has issued recommendations to prevent sexual assault.

In a letter published on Friday by Association President Diane Von Furstenberg to industry representatives, various precautionary measures are suggested.

Recently, several major fashion photographers were confronted with abuse allegations. Among the addressees of the CFDA guideline were designers, photographers and producers of fashion shows. These should, for example, provide areas where models can be “protected from view”, according to the paper. Anyone who feels “threatened or in danger in one way or another” should contact the New York City Police Department or The Model Alliance.

The current climate is characterized by “courageous women and men and their revelations,” Von Furstenberg said in an accompanying letter to the recommendations. Recently, abuse allegations against US political and entertainment celebrities have caused a stir in the US. The fashion industry was also hit by scandals. The famous photographers Terry Richardson, Bruce Weber and Mario Testino are accused of sexual assault. The magazines “Vogue” and “Vanity Fair” announced the cooperation with the photographers. Fashion Week will start in New York next week.

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