US government wants new nuclear weapons with low explosive power

WASHINGTON. The US administration of President Donald Trump is pushing for the development of nuclear weapons with lower explosive power.

A “small number” of existing nuclear warheads are being rebuilt from submarine-based long-range missiles in order to have a lower-explosive variant, according to a report released on Friday by the US government’s new nuclear strategy.

In the long run, an atomic cruise missile will be developed, which is also supported by submarines. The development of the two types is part of a number of recommendations in the report. Central Room in the paper questions how the US government should react to the military strategies of Russia and China.

“While the US has reduced the number and importance of its nuclear weapons, others, including Russia and China, have moved in the opposite direction,” the 74-page report said. Both countries have added new types to their arsenals and are becoming increasingly aggressive.

Several government officials underlined at a press conference on Friday that the US would use nuclear weapons only under “extreme circumstances.” However, it has come to the conclusion that more flexible types of nuclear weapons are needed to underpin the strategy of deterrence.

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